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The Yankee Magic Collector back issues are available here.

The following Yankee Gathering keepsakes are available for purchase.

Petrie-Lewis Mfg. Co. Medallions
Issued at Yankee Gathering XII in 2008
Antique bronze $40+$2 add'l S&H
Reginald Scot's Discoverie Of Witchcraft Medallions
Issued at Yankee Gathering XI in 2006
Antique bronze $35+$2 add'l S&H
Solid .999 fine silver $125+$4 add'l S&H
24K gold-plated .999 fine silver $175+$4 add'l S&H
John Henry Anderson Medallions
Honoring the 25th anniversary of NEMCA, issued at Yankee Gathering X in 2004
Antique bronze $35+$2 add'l S&H
Antique nickel $35+$2 add'l S&H
Solid .999 fine silver $125+$4 add'l S&H
Silver Coins
Yankee Gathering III, 1990: Honoring John Gaughan
1 troy ounce
Pocket Mirrors
Commemorative design on one side and a mirror on the reverse.
The mirrors is round, 76mm, and in a limited edition of 100.
Yankee Gathering XI, 2006: Reginald Scot's Discoverie of Witchcraft   $5
Yankee Gathering XI, 2010: Thurston 1910 poster $5
Yankee Gathering XIV, 2012: Cardini $5
Yankee Gathering XIII, 2010: Elongated Thurston Penny
A Tour of the H. Adrian Smith Library $12
Key Tags
"Show Ticket" design with portraits
Yankee Gathering IV, 1992: Honoring John Henry Grossman $2
Yankee Gathering V, 1994: Honoring Charles and Regina Reynolds $2
Yankee Gathering VI, 1996: Honoring William V. Rauscher $2
Yankee Gathering VII, 1998: Honoring John Booth $2
Yankee Gathering IX, 2002: Honoring Dr. Morris & Chesley Young $2
Yankee Gathering X, 2004: Honoring Dr. Robert J. Albo $2
Yankee Gathering XI, 2006: Honoring Ray & Ann Goulet $2
Tote Bags
Yankee Gathering III, 1990 $10
Yankee Gathering V, 1994 $10
Yankee Gathering VI, 1996 $10
Yankee Gathering VIII, 2000 $12
Yankee Gathering XI, 2006 $12
Program Books
Yankee Gathering III, 1990 (Colonial Magicians) $10
Yankee Gathering VII, 1998 (Thurston Sheet Music) $10
Yankee Gathering IX, 2002 (Houdini) $10
Yankee Gathering X, 2004 (Dr. Robert J. Albo) $10
Yankee Gathering XII, 2008 (Alexander & Adelaide Herrmann) $10
Yankee Gathering XIII, 2010 $10
Yankee Gathering XIV, 2012 (Kar-Mi) $10
Placing An Order
Within the U.S., Priority Mail is used for the flat rate of $5 for the entire shipment. Items indicting an "add'l S&H" charge require an additional per-item shipping and insurance charge added onto that $5.00 flat fee.

Be sure to include with your order a list of the items and quantities desired, and sufficient postage.

We accept payments in U.S. funds via check or PayPal.

To order via PayPal send your order details and funds to orders@nemca.com.

Send checks and order details to:

c/o Alan Wassilak
137 Spring St.
Watertown, MA  02472

Questions? Contact us at orders@nemca.com.