Petrie-Lewis Mfg. Co., 1917-1968
Yankee Gathering XII, 2008
limited edition of 150

or Yankee Gathering XII in 2008, NEMCA issued a medallion honoring the Petrie-Lewis Manufacturing Co., which was one of the most important makers of conjuring apparatus.  P&L, as it became commonly known, was founded in 1917 by John A. Petrie and Thomas C. Lewis in New Haven, Connecticut, USA.  The beautiful effects created by P&L were of the highest quality, and are treasured by performers and magic collectors alike.  With this medallion, NEMCA celebrated this important New England contributor to magic collecting and conjuring history.

The P&L medallion is the third in a series of Yankee Gathering medallions that includes the John Henry Anderson replica issued at Yankee Gathering X and the Scot's Discoverie of Witchcraft piece at Yankee Gathering XI (both of which are still available), and is die struck in the same large 50mm size as the previous two medallions.  One side of the P&L medallion depicts three of their rarest and most sought-after pieces, the card ladder, appearing cages, and rosebush.  The other side has the NEMCA logo for Yankee Gathering XII, which was held in Westborough, Massachusetts, USA on November 13-15, 2008.

This medallion was issued in antique bronze, the most popular metal from our previously-issued medallions. It is a limited edition of 150. The cost of each P&L medallion is $40 plus shipping, and includes a blue leatherette presentation box, a clear acrylic Air-Tite capsule (which can be opened) for protection, and an attractive, signed certificate of authenticity.

The P&L medallions were originally sold at the Yankee Gathering XII convention itself, and those that remain can now be ordered in the same manner as other NEMCA collectibles.  See the Collectibles page for information on shipping charges, and the address for sending payment.  P&L medallions can be combined with any other NEMCA collectibles in the same order, with the same check for payment.

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