The photos of vintage magic apparatus used on this web site are from Dr. Robert J. Albo's wonderful Classic Magic series of books, and appear here with the generous permission of Dr. Albo.

The magic poster images that appear on this site are from, and are used with the kind permission of Charles Greene III.

The Yankee Gathering logo was created by the Bob Schoof, a charter NEMCA member. NEMCA is also grateful to Bob for commissioning and donating the cups-and-balls illustration as the distinctive emblem for NEMCA.

The colonial magicians outside the inn was drawn by Alan Wassilak. Except for Chet Karkut, Alan also drew the official convention caricatures for all past and present Yankee Gathering honorees.


The round NEMCA Seal and Latin "PRĘSERVARE MAGICAM" motto was created by John Bach, NEMCA member and professional graphics designer.

Dan Smith is the NEMCA webmaster and he is grateful for the work Randy Forgaard, the site's founding webmaster.