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Potter & Potter Spring Catalog

Potter & Potter Spring Auction - April 26th

The Potter & Potter spring auction includes a wide range of collectibles, from books and periodicals, to posters and apparatus. Many of the stone lithographs in the auction come from the collection of the late John Salisse, MIMC. In addition, the auction features three outstanding items owned and used by the two most famous members of the Bamberg dynasty of magicians: Theo Bamberg, known professionally as Okito, and his son David, known to audiences as Fu Manchu.

Catalogs are available for purchase and download.

Backstage at Le Grand David

Backstage at Le Grand David Magic

Enjoy a peek behind the scenes at Le Grand David and his own Spectacular Magic Show. This entertaining 10 minute video was created by Jerry Harrell.

Thanks go to Dean Carnegie, The Magic Detective, for bringing this video to our attention.


Yankee Gathering XV - November 6-8

Save the dates! Join us in Westboro, MA for Yankee Gathering XV.

Featuring unique presentations on magic history and collecting, historical exhibits, and two full evening shows, this is sure to be another outstanding Yankee Gathering!

Featured Magic History and Collecting Sites

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Magician with a paintbrush picture

Fine artist Richard Heath was a member of the Le Grand David and his own Spectacular Magic Company for over 35 years. He worked alongside Cesareo Pelaez in creating the show's signature portraits, murals, theatrical scenary, and magical illusion artwork.

Richard is now accepting private commissions at his studio in Salem, MA. He is painting portraits and custom artwork for magic props.

View a sample of Richard's work at Magician With a Paintbrush.

Magic Detective logo

Magician Dean Carnegie is the curator behind The Magic Detective, a blog dedicated to Houdini and general magic history. Dean discusses many great magicians of the past, historical anecdotes, and current magic events.

Dean is an avid Houdini fan and like his idol, he is interested in the grave sites of famous magicians. See his research on The Dead Conjurors.