here are numerous resources available on the Internet that are of interest to magic collectors and historians.  Below is a small sampling.  If you have additional web sites to suggest for this page, or if you find dead links, please email Dan Smith at

bullet Ray Goulet's Magic Art Studio and Mini Museum of Magic.  The venue for all regular NEMCA meetings, owned and operated by charter NEMCA member Ray Goulet, located in Watertown, Massachusetts, USA.  An excellent magic shop, an outstanding museum of magic, and a high-quality publisher of books on magic history and collecting (The Fine Art of Hocus Pocus, Twelve Have Died, and others).  Mr. Goulet is a contributing author to The Yankee Magic Collector, and has been an organizer of many Yankee Gatherings.
bullet  One of the leading online magic stores, this site also features an extensive online magic library and museum, including hundreds of mini-biographies of famous magicians of the past, an overview of magic collecting, who invented various famous magic tricks, and other interesting material on magic history.  Co-proprietor Jackie Monticup is a contributing author to The Yankee Magic Collector.
bullet Fantasma Magic.  This maker of high-quality magic effects and sets, co-founded by charter NEMCA member Roger Dreyer, has an interesting area on their web site providing an introduction to magic and magic history (click on "Magic Legends" on the left).  It includes biographies of many magical luminaries of the past.
bullet Martinka & Co., Inc.  This famous and historic magic manufacturer and store, founded in 1877, continues today as perhaps the leading online auction site exclusively for high-quality magic collectibles.  Their site includes an interesting online museum of historical magic, with photos.
bullet  Charles Greene III's excellent site depicts most of the known stone lithograph magic posters from magic's Golden Age, 1890-1930, photographed from many poster collections, including his own. provided most of the poster images that appear on this NEMCA web site.  Mr. Greene has also been a Yankee Gathering lecturer.
bullet  Another excellent site devoted to magic posters, operated by Ken Trombly, noted magic collector and a contributing author to The Yankee Magic Collector.
bullet Nielsen Magic.  On this beautiful site, Norm and Lupe Nielsen have probably the largest selection of vintage magic posters for sale, as well as excellent poster reproductions and other magic collectibles.
bullet Mystic Light Press.  The official web site for Rev. William V. Rauscher, renown author, lecturer, and authority on magic history, and a NEMCA Honorary Lifetime Member.  Rev. Rauscher has written many excellent books on the history of magic, has been a frequent contributor of articles to The Yankee Magic Collector, and has lectured at several Yankee Gatherings.
bullet Mike Caveney's Magic Words.  Mike Caveney, one of the world's leading magic collectors, prolific magic performer, and co-organizer of the excellent biennial Los Angeles Conference on Magic History, has published numerous top-quality books on the history of magic, which are available at his site.  Mr. Caveney also is co-owner with George Daily of the Egyptian Hall Museum of Magic, and has been a Yankee Gathering lecturer.
bullet Ron Allesi Magic.  One of the leading dealers in used, rare, and antique magic for the magic collector.  Mr. Allesi is a contributing author to The Yankee Magic Collector.
bullet Kenna Thompson Magic (pronounced "Keena").  Well-known magic collector and dealer.
bullet H & R Magic Books.  This online bookshop, operated by Richard Hatch and Charlie Randall, is a leading source for used, out-of-print, and collectible books on magic, as well as new books on magic history and conjuring in general.  Mr. Hatch performs historical magic, speaks 4 languages, and is a contributing author to The Yankee Magic Collector.
bullet Bradbury Books & Beyond.  Dan Bradbury operates this online bookstore that is a leading purveyor of new, used, and out-of-print books pertaining to magic history and biography, as well as general and collectible books on magic.
bullet MH Magic Magazines.  Mike Henkel is a leading dealer of out-of-print magic magazines for collectors and historians.
bullet Wittus Witt.  A leading German magic collector, author, and performer.  Mr. Witt is a contributing author to The Yankee Magic Collector.
bullet Squash Publishing.  Owned by Gabe Fajuri, publishes books on magic history and other magic topics.
bullet  This site displays vintage magic apparatus from the collection of J. Steven Warburton.  Some of the collectible pieces are also offered for sale.
bullet Wild About Harry.  An engaging blog about Harry Houdini, this web site is a labor of love for screenwriter John Cox, who has had a lifelong fascination with this pivotal and charismatic performer.