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2017 Meeting Schedule

NEMCA will hold its annual business meeting on Saturday, March 18, 7 PM at the First Parish Church in Watertown. Please note that this being an odd-numbered year is when we have the election of our officers. The slate for this year is:

President Steve Rogers
1st Vice President Dan Smith
2nd Vice President David Hill
Secretary Scott Martell
Treasurer Steve Lerner
Program Coordinator Jim Zoldak

The election will be the first order of business at this meeting. After that, we will discuss events and meetings for the upcoming year, and general operation of the club as we move forward.

Also to add a bit of fun for the evening, we traditionally have a show-and-tell. If you have some recently acquired treasures, or just came across one in the closet, bring it in and tell us about it.

As mentioned, the meeting will start at 7, but for those interested in getting something to eat ahead of time, meet in the church parking lot about 5:30 or so. From there we can decide whether to go to Not Your Average Joes or Demo’s, or both if people want.

The rest of the 2017 schedule is as follows:

Meeting DateLocationProgram
Mar 28 Magic Art Studio Annual Business Meeting
Member Show & Tell
Sep TBDFirst Parish Church of Watertown
35 Church St
Reschedule of June meeting

6:30 PM
First Parish Church of Watertown
35 Church St
Agenda forthcoming
Guest Attendance

If you are a visiting magic collector or interested in magic history, we'd love to meet you. Space is limited at our facility so please contact Ray Goulet at the Magic Art Studio if you're interested in attending a meeting.