n June 22, 2003, NEMCA members and many guests gathered at Woodman's of Essex in Essex, Massachusetts, for an old-fashioned New England clambake and a highly enjoyable afternoon of magic history.  While the weather went from fair to almost hurricane, everyone had a chance to share in some great food, buy and sell items at both a flea market and an auction, and see some wonderful magic.

After enjoying a breakfast snack at The Magic Art Studio, most everyone boarded a luxury motor coach to Woodman's.  Thanks to the kind-hearted proprietors, we were given the upstairs room of the restaurant instead of the rain-soaked pavilion we were supposed to use.

The lobster and steak combination was outstanding, and there was more than enough for everyone.  The auction and flea market saw some money exchanging hands and people walked away with some great items.  (Houdini photos, Herrmann programs, etc.)  Robert Olson did a wonderful job auctioning off items to the members and guests in attendance.

The real treat of the afternoon was a series of fine performances of magic.  Ed Hill demonstrated an unusual piece of apparatus constructed by Alan Warner of England for Paul Daniels.  John Flood did an outstanding job presenting Dean's Box by Dean Dill.  But Charlie Cambra stole the show with his cups and balls and coin magic, and finished with one of the best money maker routines we have ever seen.

The afternoon concluded with everyone wishing NEMCA member Frank Dudgeon good luck on his new job in Kansas.  It was a delightful day, a magical treat not to be missed.

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