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Yankee Gathering XVII Announcement

The New England Magic Collectors Association is proud to announce that the Yankee Gathering XVII Guest of Honor will be Mike Caveney, internationally-known performer, collector, magic historian, author, and lecturer. 

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Richard Potter Book Signing, Author Presentation, and Show

John Hodgson, author of the newly published book, Richard Potter, America’s First Black Celebrity, will perform a first presentation and book signing on Sunday, March 4, 2018 at the Temple Israel Social Hall in Portsmouth NH.

As  a special feature of the book signing, Robert Olson will perform the magic of Richard Potter. 

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Book Release: Richard Potter – America’s First Black Celebrity

Apart from a handful of exotic–and almost completely unreliable–tales surrounding his life, Richard Potter is almost unknown today. Two hundred years ago, however, he was the most popular entertainer in America–the first showman, in fact, to win truly nationwide fame. Working as a magician and ventriloquist, he personified for an entire generation what a popular performer was and made an invaluable contribution to establishing popular entertainment as a major part of American life. His story is all the more remarkable in that Richard Potter was also a black man.

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Richard Potter on Absolutely Magic

The newly released book, Richard Potter, America’s First Black Celebrity, will no doubt spark new interest in the first American-born magician and ventriloquist.  Details about Potter’s life and performance are scarce but tantalizing.  NEMCA member and Yankee Magic Editor Editor, Andrew Pinard, has assembled details on Potter’s life and career, as well as pictures of the Potter’s final resting place. 

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A Visit to Ray Goulet’s Mini Museum of Magic

For many years, Ray Goulet provided a complimentary DVD about his New England Mini-Museum of Magic.  Ray and Ann have now shared this video tour with visitors to the NEMCA site.  Ray shows rare items from his collection, demonstrates the Card Spider, and discusses how he started collecting.

Enjoy visiting with Ray Goulet at the New England Mini-Museum of Magic.

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Potter and Potter Auctions: The Magic Of John Daniel


Potter and Potter Auctions will feature the magic of John Daniel, March 3rd, 2018.  His collection includes rarities from Floyd Thayer, vintage magic posters, spook show memorabilia, personal artifacts and relics from the show of Dante, and illusions, tricks, trunks, theatrical material, and costumes from the Virgil & Julie show, among other curiosities.

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Yankee Magic Collector No. 18 : Call for Submissions

We have been blessed over the last thirty-four years to feature some of the finest writers in magic presenting original scholarship of interest to all magic historians. We look forward to continuing our relationship with such magical scholars and it is our hope to either welcome you back, or add your name, to the list of contributors of The Yankee Magic Collector #18.

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Handcuff Queens

Gary Hunt recently started a fascinating site dedicated to Handcuff Queens: woman escape artists who operated during the Houdini era.  Who knew? 

Learn about the Pauline and Lewis, early pioneers of the escape act, and  Marie Shannon’s original publicity stunts performed as “Lady Raffles”.  As Gary says, “Hopefully this blog will provide these performers with some of the recognition they deserve.”

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