An Inside Look at Ray Goulet’s Mini Magic Museum

by Ann Goulet

Around 1974 Ray Goulet made a decision that it was time to sell the illusions and magic accumulated over a thirty year period that he was no longer using. He would keep only the magic for his club date act and maybe a few pieces to which he had become attached.

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A Mini-Museum Trip Through Magic History

by John Booth, Excerpt from Memoirs of a Magician’s Ghost

Armed with a Sony tape recorder, I returned to the Goulets’ magic center after a hiatus of several years. My first visit should have included note making. But, I was so inundated with details and a need to sort them out before I could describe them in writing  that I promised to come back.


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Ray Goulet: Seen Through A Prism

by John Booth
Excerpt from Memoirs of a Magician’s Ghost

When the S.S.United States cut through the ocean waves as one of the world’s largest steamships, 22 of its trans-Atlantic sailings boasted a magical entertainer on board named Ray Goulet. On a Cunarder crossing in 1969, I believe, he gave a private show for the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.

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