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Richard Potter on Absolutely Magic

The newly released book, Richard Potter, America’s First Black Celebrity, will no doubt spark new interest in the first American-born magician and ventriloquist.  Details about Potter’s life and performance are scarce but tantalizing.  NEMCA member and Yankee Magic Editor Editor, Andrew Pinard, has assembled details on Potter’s life and career, as well as pictures of the Potter’s final resting place. 

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Handcuff Queens

Gary Hunt recently started a fascinating site dedicated to Handcuff Queens: woman escape artists who operated during the Houdini era.  Who knew? 

Learn about the Pauline and Lewis, early pioneers of the escape act, and  Marie Shannon’s original publicity stunts performed as “Lady Raffles”.  As Gary says, “Hopefully this blog will provide these performers with some of the recognition they deserve.”

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Propelled Pasteboards

Judge Gary Brown, Tom Ewing, and Gary Frank have collaborated to create an an entertaining and thoughtful blog dedicated to the art and history of Throwing Cards.

For more than a century, magicians have dazzled audiences by throwing playing cards with remarkable power, speed and precision. Some conjurers propelled cards to showcase their extraordinary skill and dexterity, bouncing cards against the rear wall of the theater, sailing them into the balcony or landing them in the laps of specific spectators. Visit Propelled Pasteboards to learn more about this amazing specialty.