Johnny Fox, sword swallower and magician, dies at 64

An amazing showman, magician, and sword swallower; Johnny was a friend to many of us in the magic world and a frequent Gathering attendee and performer.  More details are available in the New York Times and Washington Post obituaries.  

NEMCA members can view Johnny’s performance of Karmi’s Shooting a Cracker at the Yankee Gathering in 2012.

“It’s gross, but you’ll watch.”

Mr. Fox performs at the Maryland Renaissance Festival in September. (Amy Davis/The Baltimore Sun via AP)

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  1. Alligator Alice

    Johnny Fox was a brilliant showman. I admired his art at various busking venues years back. He seemed very shy for being so talented and adept in front of a crowd. Once he came shuffling up to me with his hands in his pockets and then opened his mouth so a tiny toy hand on his tongue could wave hello. It was so funny. Volunteers in his shows were often surprised by his generosity in handing them back their own watch he had pickpocketed at the beginning of his trick with them. He always ended his performance with an amazing sword swallow, “Four inches into the stomach.”

    How fortunate we are that such a gentle and quirky artist entertained us and on the street, no less!


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