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Theo Hardeen Biography Released

William Rauscher’s biography of Hardeen: Monarch of Manacles is now available. This 150 page, hardbound book is available for order from David Haversat’s 1878 Press Co.
This book is a tribute to one of the world’s greatest escape artists. He traveled the world defying police authorities to shackle his body in handcuffs and leg irons, or to lock him in the darkest jail cells, all of which could not hold him.

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The Art of Magic Postage Stamps Announced

The US Postal Service has announced that The Art of Magic postage series will be released in 2018.  The series of five stamps celebrate the art of magic featuring digital illustrations of five classic tricks magicians use to amaze and delight audiences.

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Yankee Magic Collector No. 17

The Yankee Magic Collector, Issue #17 is the companion publication for Yankee Gathering 16. This beautiful issue contains  194 pages, 167+ total images, most in color.

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Yankee Gathering XVII Announcement

The New England Magic Collectors Association is proud to announce that the Yankee Gathering XVII Guest of Honor will be Mike Caveney, internationally-known performer, collector, magic historian, author, and lecturer. 

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Flashback: NEMCA Members, 1985

This photo from the March, 1985 club meeting at Magic Art Studio is a Who’s Who of New England magic collectors: Chet Karkut, H. Adrian Smith, Ray Goulet, Dr. Grossman and many others.

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Propelled Pasteboards

Judge Gary Brown, Tom Ewing, and Gary Frank have collaborated to create an an entertaining and thoughtful blog dedicated to the art and history of Throwing Cards.

For more than a century, magicians have dazzled audiences by throwing playing cards with remarkable power, speed and precision. Some conjurers propelled cards to showcase their extraordinary skill and dexterity, bouncing cards against the rear wall of the theater, sailing them into the balcony or landing them in the laps of specific spectators. Visit Propelled Pasteboards to learn more about this amazing specialty.