he Yankee Magic Collector, Issue #2 (1985), edited by Ed Hill & Bob Schoof.  80 pages.  Signed and numbered edition limited to 150 copies.  Please note that this issue did not indicate "#2" on the cover or title page.  The fact that this is the second issue can be inferred from the editorials at the beginning.

Table of Contents

bullet Swan Squack by Henry Hay (Barrows Mussey)
bullet A Recollection of Howard Thurston by Dr. John Henry Grossman
bullet Taylor the Wizard (Part 2) by E. Cooper Taylor III
bullet On the Trail of the Swami Writer by Craige McComb Snader, Jr.
bullet Evolution of Magic Shows by Tan Hock Chuan
bullet Mandrake the Magician - The Movie by Fr. Cyprian, O.F.M., Cap.
bullet Dr. Stanley Jaks - A Preliminary Perusal by Barry H. Wiley
bullet Future Collectibles by Dr. Ron Dutton
bullet An Evening with the Fenners by Irv Weiner
bullet Hofzinser on Bosco by Richard Hatch
bullet Magic on Display by Ed Hill
bullet Field Notes by Jerry Fields
bullet Arthur Lloyd Portrayals by Dr. Morris Young
bullet The First Club for Magic Collectors by F. William Kuethe, Jr.
bullet New England Magic Collectors Association
  bullet Meeting Topics
  bullet Magic Art Theater (photo)
  bullet Constitution
  bullet Bylaws
  bullet Membership Roster
  bullet Membership Photo

The Yankee Magic Collector #2 is sold out.  It was a limited edition, and will not be reprinted.

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