he Yankee Magic Collector, Issue #4 (1990), edited by Ed Hill & Bob Schoof.  84 pages.  Signed and numbered edition limited to 175 copies.

Table of Contents

bullet A Letter from Signor Blitz by John Henry Grossman
bullet Howard Thurston's Card Tricks by John Booth
bullet Douglas Geoffrey Mackintosh, Hardeen, Jr., May 29, 1907 - January 14, 1990, Successor to Hardeen by William V. Rauscher
bullet Colourful Collecting by Edwin A. Dawes
bullet Cataleptic Fit by Morris N. Young
bullet June Barrows Mussey by Harold F. Puff and Edith Puff
bullet Mary Tofts, Patron Saint by Sheila Lyon
bullet Magic on Display by Ed Hill
bullet E. Cooper Taylor and His Fellow Touring Magicians of 1869 by E. Cooper Taylor III
bullet Creation of a Magic Library and a Study in Early Magic Books, Part 2 of 2 by H. Adrian Smith
bullet A First Down Under by James B. Alfredson
bullet Teen-Age Conjuring Periodicals in the Years 1960-1969 by Stephen A. Fernandes
bullet Future Collectables Currently Available: A Column for Beginning Collectors by Ronald P. Dutton
bullet NEMCA Membership Roster
bullet Memories of Yankee Gathering II (photographs)

The Yankee Magic Collector #4 is sold out.  It was a limited edition, and will not be reprinted.

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