he Yankee Magic Collector, Issue #5 (1992), edited by Ed Hill & Bob Schoof.  108 pages.  Signed and numbered edition limited to 175 copies.

Table of Contents

bullet Magic on Display by Ed Hill
bullet I Remember... by Richard Sim
bullet H. Adrian Smith Remembered: A Panorama of Magical History and Literature, A selection from the collection of H. Adrian Smith, John Hay Library, Brown University, Providence Rhode Island by Ed Hill
bullet Three Twentieth Century 'Phantom' Books or "Ones That Never Were" by Edwin A. Dawes, M.I.M.C.
bullet A New Editor for Zombie by Stephen A. Fernandes
bullet Future Collectables Currently Available: A Column for Beginning Collectors by Ronald P. Dutton
bullet Basil the Baffling and The Famous Boston Magicians by Alan Wassilak
bullet Can Computers Look into Yesteryear?  A Challenge for Our Readers by Craige McComb Snader, Jr.
bullet Max Malini and The Charles Diamond Story, As told by Harry Kellar to Silent Mora and passed on to Eddie "Tex" McGuire (Max Malini's First and Only Personal Manager) at the Long Island Hospital, Boston, MA, Monday, Sept. 24, 1962 compiled by Ed Hill
bullet Periodical Updates by Ray Ricard
bullet Houdini in Popular Magazines and Contemporary Newspapers by Stephen Forrester in collaboration with Frank Koval
bullet NEMCA Membership Roster

Copies of The Yankee Magic Collector #5 are still available.

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