he Yankee Magic Collector, Issue #7 (1996), edited by Ed Hill & Bob Schoof.  172 pages.  Signed and numbered edition limited to 175 copies.

Table of Contents

bullet Magician of the Holocaust by William V. Rauscher
bullet The Resurrection of Willie Dee, Jr. (A Personal Account) by Alan Wassilak
bullet Souvenir of a Great American Magician: Balabrega by Enrique Jimnez-Martinez
bullet Conjuring Periodicals: A Contemporary Checklist by Stephen A. Fernandes
bullet Future Collectables Currently Available: A Column for Beginning Collectors by Ronald P. Dutton
bullet My Great Aunt, Bess Houdini by John Hinson
bullet New Information on the Philip (Prentice) Anderson - Phillip C. Davis Connection by Brian McCullagh
bullet Magic on Display by Ed Hill
bullet Secrets by William P. Miesel
bullet Postmark: The Isle of Wight, Some Lines from James B. Findlay by Edwin A. Dawes
bullet Production and Vanish: The Herrmann Years in American Magic by Bob Roth
bullet Regarding Old Magic Shops and Dealers, Including a List of New England Shops and Dealers Prior to 1960 by Richard Steven Cohn
bullet Collecting Modern & Antiquarian Rarities Today by Ray Ricard
bullet Brothers-in-Law for an Evening by Morris N. Young
bullet Memories of Yankee Gathering V, November 3-5, 1994 by Frank Dudgeon
bullet NEMCA Membership Roster

The Yankee Magic Collector #7 is sold out.  It was a limited edition, and will not be reprinted.

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