he Yankee Magic Collector, Issue #8 (1998), edited by Ed Hill & Bob Schoof.  220 pages.  Signed and numbered edition limited to 175 copies.

Table of Contents

bullet Brilliant Magic with Beautiful Birds: It's Development by John Booth
bullet The Ultimate Magic Coin by Harold F. Puff and Edith Puff
bullet Houdini's Pocket Watch by John Hinson
bullet The History of Punch & Judy in Baltimore by Mark Walker
bullet Houdini's Stand for Justice: A Performer's Plucky Protest by Brian Lead
bullet Magical Challenges of a Century Ago by Enrique Jimnez-Martinez
bullet Secrets II by William P. Miesel
bullet The Humorous Tales of Dixey by David Meyer
bullet The Mysterious Mr. Frampton, An Untold Tale of the James B. Findlay Auction of 1979 by Edwin A. Dawes
bullet Multiple Use Magic Addresses by Richard Steven Cohn
bullet Houdini Once Was There by Morris N. Young
bullet Concerning Periodicals Within Periodicals: A Starter List by Stephen A. Fernandes
bullet A Fussin' And A Feudin' by George Johnstone
bullet The Houdini Club of Philadelphia by Tom Ewing
bullet Some Glimpses of Arthur Buckley by Brian McCullagh
bullet The Midget Magician by Marya F. Grossman
bullet Unusual Sources of Legerdemain Works Not in Toole Stott by Ray Ricard
bullet The Presto Club, Sponsored by Herb Downs by Dave Downs
bullet Future Collectables Currently Available: A Column for Beginning Collectors (and their mentors) by Ronald P. Dutton
bullet Memories of Yankee Gathering VI by Frank Dudgeon
bullet The Brotherhood of Magicians 1905-1918: A Chronological History by Ann Myrece James
bullet NEMCA Membership Roster

Copies of The Yankee Magic Collector #8 are still available.

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