he Yankee Magic Collector, Issue #9 (2000), edited by Ed Hill & Bob Schoof.  144 pages.  Signed and numbered edition limited to 175 copies.

Table of Contents

bullet ALGI, Congenial Robot by Morris N. Young
bullet The Legacy (Houdini collection) by Sid Radner
bullet Cesareo Pelaez by Webster Bull and Avrom Surath
bullet Who was Professor Thomas Kenney? by E. Calvin Corey
bullet The Magicians of "Old Sleuth's Own" Series by "Mabel"
bullet Hand Shadows and Shadow Pantomimes by Ray Ricard
bullet The Life and Adventures of Valentine Vox by Stephen Forrester
bullet Magic Instructions for the Masses (Publications circa 1900) by Ed Hill
bullet Now if I'd Only Known that at the Time! (Chas. Bertram) by Edwin A. Dawes
bullet The First Three Books Published in Magic in Australia by Brian McCullagh
bullet Value: A Labor of Love (C.F. Fenner's Martinka Shop Model) by Alan Wassilak and Ed Hill with Richard Sim
bullet Spoof, You're a Magazine by Stephen A. Fernandes
bullet Two Ventriloquists of the 19th Century by Enrique Jimnez-Martinez
bullet Memories of Yankee Gathering VII by Frank Dudgeon

Copies of The Yankee Magic Collector #9 are still available.

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