he Yankee Magic Collector, Issue #11 (2004), edited by Ed Hill & Andrew J. Pinard.  170 pages.  Signed and numbered edition limited to 175 copies.

Table of Contents

bullet P&L: "The House Where Tricks are Born" by John Henry Grossman
bullet A Unique Possession by E. Calvin Corey
bullet Inside Houdini by Milbourne Christopher
bullet John Calvert: Legend of Legerdemain by William V. Rauscher
bullet The Great McEwen: A Little of the Mystery Solved by Brian McCullagh
bullet Coincidence or... by William P. Miesel
bullet Decremps, Pinetti, Denton & The Conjurors Magazine by Stephen James Forrester
bullet The "Write" Stuff by Stephen A. Fernandes
bullet The Voice from the Attic: The Latest Update by Bruce Dunn
bullet Kellar and Herrmann in Mexico in 1888 by Enrique Jimnez-Martinez
bullet The Houdini Scrapbook: At the Rare Books and Manuscripts Department of the Boston Public Library by Robert Roth
bullet Danar of the Magi by Gary Hunt
bullet Witchcraft: The Young Conjurer and his First Magic Catalogue by Edwin A. Dawes
bullet Dr. Morris N. Young: An Honored Memory by Frank Dudgeon
bullet Who Put the Magic in the Movies? by Richard Steven Cohn
bullet Thomas W. Yost: Philadelphia's First Magic Shop by Tom Ewing
bullet NEMCA Member Roster

Copies of The Yankee Magic Collector #11 are still available.

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