he Yankee Magic Collector, Issue #12 (2006), edited by Ed Hill & Andrew J. Pinard.  126 pages.  Signed and numbered edition limited to 175 copies.

Table of Contents

bullet Initial Checklist of Articles on Ray and Ann Goulet by Frank Dudgeon
bullet Alexander Herrmann in Mexico in 1877 by Enrique Jimnez-Martinez
bullet Who was Li Chung Soo? by Edwin A. Dawes, M.I.M.C.
bullet Harry Kellar, The First Goodwill Ambassador to Texas by Ron Cartlidge
bullet The History of the Cups Used For the Cups and Balls From Ancient Rome to the Present by Bill Palmer, M.I.M.C.
bullet Some Basic Principles of Descriptive Bibliography; or, What's the Issue Here, and Why So Many States of Confusion? by Clay H. Shevlin
bullet Comic Books in Magic by Ray Ricard
bullet Magic Postage Stamps by Brian McCullagh
bullet Collecting Anverdi Magic by Chuck Caputo
bullet New England Convention of Magicians Registration $3.50 by E. Calvin Corey
bullet NEMCA Member Roster

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