he Yankee Magic Collector, Issue #15 is the companion publication for Yankee Gathering 15. This beautiful issue contains  162 pages, 88 color images (95+ total images).


Yankee Magic Collector #15
Andrew J. Pinard, Editor
Memories of Yankee Gathering XIII
by Frank Dudgeon
A Couple of Tales about the Other Brother
by Jim Alfredson
J.W. Cadwell: The Mesmerist
by Barry H. Wiley
The 100th Anniversary of the Death of Ten-Ichi
by Mitsunobu Matsuyama
My Visit to the Robert-Houdin Museum in Blois
by Stephen Forrester
Endless Editions
by David Meyer
Stillwell and the Mystical Process
by Tom Ewing
Gold Rush Magicians
by Leo Behnke
Magicians as Heroes and Villains on Television
by Thomas Blacke
Remembering Dunninger
by Wendel Gibson
by Ray Ricard
The Magic of manila and Posada
by Enrique Jiménez-Martínez
Reflections from the Editor
by Andrew Pinard
  Contributor Biographies, Image Sources, Request for Submissions & NEMCA Member Roster


Yankee Magic Collector #15 was released in three formats:

Numbered Copy

Individually Numbered
100 Copies

Presentation Copy

Personalized Presentation
29 Copies

Personalized Member
57 Copies

Numbered copies of The Yankee Magic Collector #15 are available for purchase.