he Yankee Magic Collector, Issue #16 is the companion publication for Yankee Gathering 15. This beautiful issue contains contributions from 16 contributors and has a whopping 220 pages with 78 color images (113 total images).


Yankee Magic Collector #16
Andrew J. Pinard, Editor
Memories of Yankee Gathering XIV
by Frank Dudgeon
Rouclere Jr. Strikes Back!
by George Daily
Famous Unknowns
by Leo Behnke
The True Identity of Rubini and Philip Prentice Anderson
by Edwin A. Dawes
The Accidental Discovery
by Michael E. Rose
Adrien Jr.'s American Tour: 1838-1840
by Gary Hunt
Masters of the Tell-Tale Hand
by Barry H. Wiley
The Historical Roots of the Con Game
by Loren Pankrantz, Ph.D.
Houdini and the Hippodrome
by William V. Rauscher
Houdini's "The Unmasking Of..."
by Arthur Moses
The Harry Houdini Collection: Boxes 7-9 & 19
by Ron Cartlidge
Dispersing the Newmann Collection
by David Meyer
Ray Styles and Tampa II
by Tom Ewing
Edward Bagshawe
by Nathan Kranzo
The First American Edition of Breslaw: 1797
by Ray Ricard
Washington Irving Bishop In Mexico
by Enrique Jiménez-Martínez


Yankee Magic Collector #16 was released in three formats:

Numbered Copy

Numbered Limited Edition
100 Copies

Presentation Copy

Personalized Presentation
26 Copies

Personalized Member
59 Copies

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