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he Yankee Magic Collector, Issue #17 is the companion publication for Yankee Gathering 16. This handsome issue contains 196 pages and 158+ images (most in color), with contributions from 17 contributors. Full of magic history and collector knowledge.

Numbered copies of The Yankee Magic Collector #17 are available for purchase.

Yankee Magic Collector #17
Andrew J. Pinard, Editor
Reflections from The Editor
by Andrew J. Pinard
Memories of Yankee Gathering XV
by Frank Dudgeon
Collectors and Collectors
by Leo Behnke
The Performer as Collector
by Michael E. Rose
Harold Adrian Smith: An Overview and Some Personal Recollections
by Edwin A. Dawes
The Fakir Harry
by Enrique Jiménez-Martínez
MagicAL Marks
by William V. Rauscher
Otto Maurer’s Magical Bazaar
by Tom Klem
The Grim Game
by Ron Cartlidge
Blackstone’s Magic Trick of the Month Club
by George Daily
Reminiscing Magically
by Leo Behnke
Fred “Manipo” Harris
by Mark Walker
Ann Kenyon: Lady Magician and Card Manipulator
by Michael Claxton
Houdini’s 1986 Tour of Canada: “The Secrets of Houdini Exposed!”
by Kent Cummins, A.I.M.C. Silver Star
by David Meyer
Cataloguing Goldston
by Joe Bunch
Some Unusual Early Pulps on Magic
by Ray Ricard

Yankee Magic Collector #17 was released in three formats:

Numbered Copy
Numbered Limited Edition
75 Copies
Presentation Copy
Personalized Presentation
26 Copies
Personalized Copy
Personalized Member
58 Copies