ankee Gathering X, the biennial convention hosted by the New England Magic Collectors Association (NEMCA), was held November 4-6, 2004 at the Sheraton Commander Hotel on Harvard Square in historic Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.  The three-day schedule of events included Lectures, Performers, Dealers, Exhibits, a Banquet, and a Flea Market.

The convention honored magic historian, author, collector, and lecturer Robert J. Albo, M.D.  For more than three decades, he has made outstanding contributions to the preservation of magic, including his incomparable 10-volume Classic Magic book series, the leading reference on historical magic apparatus, complete with countless color photographs (including all the apparatus photos that appear on this web site).  His personal collection of apparatus is undoubtedly the most comprehensive in the world.  Dr. Albo has also been a speaker at past Yankee Gatherings.  We were delighted to have him join us again, this time as our most honored guest.

In conjunction with Yankee Gathering X, and in honor of the 25th Anniversary of NEMCA, NEMCA produced a replica of the medallion of the great Scottish magician John Henry Anderson (1814-1874), the Great Wizard of the North.  The medallion is a limited edition in four different metals, three of which are still available for sale.
At the Gathering, we were extremely fortunate to have a high-quality series of informative and entertaining lectures from many world-class experts in magic history and collecting:

bullet Mike Caveney and George Daily, The Acquisition, Division, Distribution, and Exhibition of the Egyptian Hall Museum
bullet Charles Greene III, Stone Lithography: The Secrets Revealed
bullet Randy Forgaard, Discs of Deception: Stories of the Earliest Magic Tokens and Medals
bullet Terry Harris, Money Makers
bullet William V. Rauscher, The Spirit Cabinet
bullet Brian McCullagh, Magic Philately
bullet Barry Wiley, The Indescribable Phenomenon: The Life and Mysteries of Anna Eva Fay
bullet David Charvet, Alexander: "The Man Who Knows"
bullet McCarl Roberts, Phil Thomas: MAGIC 1
bullet Mark Walker, George Horn, Entertainer
bullet Dr. Robert J. Albo, The History and Mystery of Magic

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